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Step 1 - Configuring the Software

The first step is to download an IRC client. For this tutorial, we will use mIRC. Download the software here and then install it on your machine.

mIRC Options: Main

When you first download the software, a window like this will appear. For this tutorial, we will be connecting to EFnet, so choose EFnet in the IRC Network drop-down box. Fill in the Full Name, Email Address, Nickname, and Alternative fields however you wish.

mIRC Options: DCC

Next, choose DCC. You will want to enable Auto-get file in case you are away from the computer when files are sent to you. Also, be sure to select Resume from the drop-down box.
PLEASE NOTE: enabling auto-get is big security risk! Click here for more information. I will not be held liable for any damage to your system; this is your warning!

mIRC Options: Folders

Next, set DCC Ignore to Disabled and uncheck the Turn ignore back on in checkbox. You can also edit the default DCC Get folders if you wish; this will change the location where new files are saved.

mIRC Options: Server

Finally, uncheck the Enable DCC Server checkbox.

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